LES 101

The Foundation of Law and Ethics


Dr. Garcia

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Course Overview

The Foundation of Law and Ethics

Lesson 1: Introduction to Law and Ethics

  • Objective: Understand the basic definitions and differences between law and ethics.
  • Content: Overview of key concepts, historical development, and the significance of law and ethics in society.

Lesson 2: Sources of Law

  • Objective: Identify and explain the different sources of law.
  • Content: Common law, statutory law, constitutional law, and administrative law; how these sources interact and influence legal systems.

Lesson 3: Ethical Theories and Principles

  • Objective: Explore major ethical theories and principles.
  • Content: Utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, and the application of these theories in moral decision-making.
  • Objective: Understand the structure and functions of the legal system.
  • Content: Courts, legislatures, and administrative agencies; the process of lawmaking, interpretation, and enforcement.

Lesson 5: Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

  • Objective: Examine the ethical responsibilities in various professions.
  • Content: Codes of conduct, professional standards, and the consequences of unethical behavior in fields such as law, medicine, and business.

Lesson 6: Human Rights and Social Justice

  • Objective: Analyze the relationship between law, ethics, and human rights.
  • Content: International human rights law, social justice issues, and the ethical implications of human rights policies.

Lesson 7: Ethical Dilemmas and Decision-Making

  • Objective: Develop skills to resolve ethical dilemmas.
  • Content: Case studies, ethical frameworks, and step-by-step approaches to ethical decision-making in complex situations.

Lesson 8: Law, Ethics, and Technology

  • Objective: Investigate the impact of technology on law and ethics.
  • Content: Digital privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property, and the ethical challenges posed by emerging technologies.

Lesson 9: Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership

  • Objective: Understand the principles of corporate governance and ethical leadership.
  • Content: Role of boards of directors, corporate social responsibility, and the importance of ethical leadership in fostering a sustainable business environment.

Lesson 10: Global Perspectives on Law and Ethics

  • Objective: Compare different legal and ethical systems around the world.
  • Content: Comparative analysis of legal systems, cultural influences on ethical practices, and the challenges of implementing universal ethical standards.
  • This course is required for enrollment in Ethics 101 and Ethics 102
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